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We have solutions for any commercial vehicle including taxi's, freight delivery, emergency services and many more.


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We implement fast and keep your fleet moving.

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We optimize components and time to deliver on budget.


We have 80+ taxis in London today, we can meet Euro 6 standard.

The London emissions standards are the toughest in the world today.  We have the Euro 5 emissions standard, covered now with over 80 taxis running our system today.  In January 2020, the Euro 6 standard was implemented in London only.   We expect the rest of Europe and indeed the world, will follow these standards. 

Euro 6 Standards.


We have internal combustion engines running on LPG that pass Euro 6 today and despite the covid-19 set back, we are ready to commence conversion projects immediately. 


Euro 6 goes out to 2030, when it is expected electric motors powered by battery or hydrogen fuel cells will take over.  But hold on! 


Electric Vehicles - are not the only option.


There has been incredible advancement in the production, storage and distribution of Hydrogen.  The resources for Hydrogen are developing quickly.  This means internal combustion engines running on hydrogen are a likely viable option post 2030.  Don't believe what you have read about battery or fuel cell vehicles, until you speak with us.  

Transition to Greener energy, don't leap! 


Your progress should be managed to avoid costly mistakes and ensure energy sustainability.

As emissions standards tighten and move away from fossil fuels, your most practical option is to step up your engine progressively as the standards increase. This is done by mixing fuels using a lower fossil content and introducing a cleaner fuel .  

Work with a company with R&D focus.


We are currently investing in R&D development and patented technology with plans to run internal combustion engines on Hydrogen well into the future.

We will explain why a more affordable and practical option for your business is available from Gastech.  

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