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Gas Generators

Gastech are a preeminent expert in providing power generation from cleaner, more environmentally friendly, gas.
Experience counts.

If you want to generate power using a gas of any kind, talk to us.


We are well equipped to;


  • Convert existing engines to run on natural gas, supplied either by direct connection to the town supply or bottled.  Cummins South Pacific refer all their clients to Gastech for requirements below 315kVA, although we can work on any brand engine, of any power requirement.

  • Map your engine, replace or modify components and install exhaust systems to optimize emissions.

  • Run your engine on any fuel including biofuels, multifuels, hydrogen and most common gases.

  • Undertake any research and development to help make the world a cleaner place, reduce your costs or increase your efficiencies.

  • Ensure all engines meet regulatory standards.

  • Work with major gas suppliers to develop your specific fuel.

  • Conduct innovative R&D projects creating outstanding results.

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