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Service & Repairs

Doing the job properly.
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It is very rarely talked about but experienced auto technicians, save you time and money.  Here is why...


They dont mess around, charging you more hours, trying to find out how to fix it.  They already know.

They have done it before so this time it takes less time.

They know where to get the parts and what supplier is better value.

Gastech work to your budget and give you the right advice to give you the best outcome.  In the end, all those things that make you happy, are delivered.


We love the saying...


"There is quality, fast and cheap, you can have two but never all three." 


But at Gastech, we delete the word "cheap" and replace it with "value".   Then you do get all three.

Our team of experienced technicians know engines and auto.  They breathe, eat and sleep it.  We can we do all your general auto work. 


Importantly, we are also connected (again, from experience) with many friends who are specialists in aligned fields.  Body repairs, restoration, wheels and tyres, electronics and so much more.  We know who to work with for all the other things,  which provides a more complete service.  Our service and advice goes beyond.

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